Adyen Payout API
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A set of API endpoints that allow you to store payout details, confirm, or decline a payout.

For more information, refer to Online payouts.


To use the Payout API, you need to have two API credentials: one for storing payout details and submitting payouts, and another one for confirming or declining payouts. If you don't have the required API credentials, contact our Support Team.

If using an API key, add an X-API-Key header with the API key as the value, for example:

-H "Content-Type: application/json" \

Alternatively, you can use the username and password to connect to the API using basic authentication.

The following example shows how to authenticate your request with basic authentication when submitting a payout:

-H "Content-Type: application/json" \


Payments API supports versioning using a version suffix in the endpoint URL. This suffix has the following format: "vXX", where XX is the version number.

For example:

Going live

To authenticate to the live endpoints, you need API credentials from your live Customer Area.

The live endpoint URLs contain a prefix which is unique to your company account:


Get your {PREFIX} from your live Customer Area under Developers > API URLs > Prefix.

Confirm a payout
Cancel a payout
Make an instant card payout
Store payout details
Store details and submit a payout
Submit a payout