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ACH Notification of Change
Result of authorisation request
Result of payment authorisation adjustment request
Auto Rescue process ended
Result of cancel request
Auto Rescue process canceled
Result of cancel or refund request
Result of capture request
Capture request failed due to scheme rejection
Payment charged back
Chargeback successfully defended
Authorisation expired
Manual review accepted
Manual review rejected
Dispute process opened
Issuer sent fraud alert notification
Offer expired
Result of last partial payment for order
First partial payment request for order
Financial institution rejected payout
Payout declined
Payout expired
Result of payout request
Refund postponed until after payment capture
Cardholder's bank declined pre-arbitration case
Cardholder's bank accepted pre-arbitration case
Recurring contract created
Result of refund request
Refunded amount reversed
Refund failed due to scheme rejection
Result of refund request with data
Report available
Issuer opened Request for Information (RFI)
Issuing bank declined chargeback defense
Result of technical cancel request
Result of request to cancel POS refund