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Cegid Retail Y2

Use our Cegid Retail Y2 CPOS plugin to accept in-person payments.

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Cegid Retail Y2 is a point-of-sale (POS) system. With our Cegid Retail Y2 CPOS plugin, you can process payments on the Adyen payments platform with Adyen payment terminals. The plugin and the terminals are integrated with our Terminal API. After you set up the CPOS plugin, you can also set up Cegid Retail Mobile POS and Cegid Retail Live Store integrations for iOS and Android devices.


  • Gift card payments: allow shoppers to pay with gift cards.
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion: allow shoppers from abroad to pay in the local currency or their own currency.
  • QR code wallet payments: allow shoppers to pay with their QR code wallet app on their phone.
  • Partial payments: allow shoppers to pay the remainder with a different payment method.
  • Manual Key Entry: allow shopper to pay by manually entering their card details.
  • Tax-free shopping: allow shoppers from abroad to claim back taxes on their purchases with secure card sharing.
  • Delayed capture: set up a delay between the authorisation and capture of the payment.
  • Donations: allow shoppers to donate to a chosen charity at checkout. This feature is available for credit and debit card payments.
  • MOTO payments: allow shoppers to provide you with their order and payment details by regular mail (not email), fax, or telephone.
  • Installments: allow shoppers in Brazil, Japan, and Mexico to pay in installments.
  • Pay by Link: create payment links for your shopper and allow them to pay in your physical store.
  • Tap to Pay on iPhone: initiate and accept payments on an iPhone anywhere in your store.

Supported versions

You can use our plugin to integrate with Cegid Retail Y2 v11.05 and later.

We recommend to use local communications, but it is also possible to use cloud communications:

  • Local communications: the POS system communicates directly with the payment terminal over your local network.
  • Cloud communications: the POS system communicates with the terminal over the internet. Contact our Support Team before you start building an integration using cloud communications.

You can use our decision tree to see which communication type is recommended for your situation.

Supported payment methods

You can use the plugin to accept payments with all payment methods supported by Adyen payment terminals.

Supported terminals

You can use the plugin to accept payments with all Adyen terminals.

How it works

Local Communications (recommended)

Cloud communications

Get started

Before you begin to integrate, make sure you have followed the Get started with Adyen guide to:

  • Get an overview of the steps needed to accept live payments.
  • Create your test account.

While you wait for your live account credentials, you can start integrating by using your test account:

  1. Set up the plugin in the Adyen Customer Area and the Cegid Retail Y2 back office.
  2. Set up gift card payments.
  3. Test and go live with your integration.

If you experience any issues with the plugin, check our Troubleshooting guide.