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Currency conversion (DCC)

Learn how shoppers can use Dynamic Currency Conversion to pay in their own currency.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) gives shoppers from abroad a choice to pay in the local currency or their own currency. Adyen's DCC feature is easy to configure, does not require an extra contract, and includes integrated reporting. However, there are regulations and disclosure requirements that you need to comply with.

Currency conversion is supported with all integrations and also with the Standalone solution.

DCC is available and certified for Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro.

How it works

  1. You initiate a payment like you usually do, and the shopper presents their card to the payment terminal.  
  2. The terminal recognizes the currency of the country where the card was issued.
  3. The terminal prompts the shopper to choose between paying in the local currency or their own currency.

  4. If the shopper accepts DCC by choosing their own currency, foreign-exchange conversion is applied to the transaction. The Adyen-generated receipt includes information about the conversion.
    If the shopper rejects DCC by choosing the local currency, the transaction continues in the local currency.

Before you begin

Contact our POS Support Team to:

  • Enable and configure DCC to ensure it is offered in your stores.
  • Enable DCC reporting for your merchant account(s).

Make a payment request using DCC

To offer DCC with a payment, you need to trigger the payment terminal to show the currency conversion option.

  • Make a PaymentRequest that contains a SaletoAcquirerData field with the GetAdditionalData tender option specified in one of the following formats:

    • Option 1: A JSON object converted to a Base64 encoded string.
      Encode {"tenderOption": "GetAdditionalData"} to Base64, and pass the resulting string:
      "SaleToAcquirerData": "eyJ0ZW5kZXJPcHRpb24iOiAiR2V0QWRkaXRpb25hbERhdGEifQ=="

    • Option 2: A key-value pair:
      "SaleToAcquirerData": "tenderOption=GetAdditionalData"

    The format that you use here, will also be the format of the AdditionalResponse that you receive.

    If there are more tender options or other data elements that you need to pass in the SaleToAcquirerData field, refer to Add information to a payment.

            "SaleToAcquirerData": "tenderOption=GetAdditionalData"


According to scheme regulations, the shopper must be given the choice to accept DCC, or decline it and pay in the local currency. The shopper must be made aware of the cost of the currency conversion and you are not permitted to force a choice on the cardholder.

Disclosure requirements

The Adyen DCC feature allows you to offer your shoppers the choice to accept or decline DCC in a way that is fully compliant with the scheme regulations, with full disclosure of the exchange rate and margins. The shopper can review DCC charges both on the payment terminal and on the Adyen-generated receipt.

The following information is presented on the terminal display:

  • Exchange rate.
  • Source of the exchange rate.
  • Markup.
  • Amount in shopper's currency.
  • Amount in local currency.

On the Adyen-generated receipt, the shopper receives the same information, as well as a DCC disclosure statement.

Merchant receipt Shopper receipt

If your integration defines the content of the receipt, make sure the receipt contains the following information, to remain compliant with the card brand regulations:

  • Exchange rate.
  • Source of the exchange rate.
  • Markup.
  • Amount in shopper's currency.
  • Amount in local currency.

To find out more, contact your Account Manager or our POS Support Team.

Supported currencies and countries

Adyen currently supports the following DCC currencies: 

You can select a custom subset of currencies for DCC.

DCC is available in all countries where Adyen has implemented a POS solution:

Australia Finland Liechtenstein Portugal
Austria France Lithuania Romania
Belgium Germany Luxembourg Singapore
Brazil Gibraltar Malaysia Slovakia
Bulgaria Greece Malta Slovenia
Canada Hong Kong Monaco Spain
Croatia Hungary Netherland Sweden
Cyprus Iceland New Zealand Switzerland
Czech Republic Ireland Norway United Kingdom
Denmark Italy Poland United States
Estonia Latvia

Reporting and dashboards

When you have enabled DCC and DCC reporting, you can find information about DCC transactions in several reports and dashboards in the Customer Area.


The following financial reports include DCC details:

Funds are settled in your settlement currency. The amount that you start the transaction with (before DCC) will be paid to you.

For example, you start a transaction for 100 USD, and the shopper accepts DCC for 90 EUR. Adyen will settle 100 USD (plus your share of the markup).

Enabling DCC can have consequences for your (automated) reconciliation. For more information, contact your Account Manager or our POS Support Team.


  • Payment list: a column that displays whether DCC was accepted for a transaction.
  • Payment Detail page: displays whether DCC was offered/accepted to the shopper, the base and transaction currency, and the applied exchange rate. Open an existing payment in the Customer Area to see the Payment Detail page.
  • DCC Dashboard: a high-level overview of DCC usage and acceptance across different geographies and retail locations, as well as earnings from DCC, for management or country/store operations teams. You can download the data from this dashboard as a CSV file. For a description of the columns and an example, see Download and use the DCC overview file.