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Hosted Payment Pages are no longer available
This page is for the classic Hosted Payment Pages (HPP) integration, which has reached end-of-life. We are no longer processing transactions though HPP. If you have any questions, contact our Support Team.

This table lists fields returned in a response to the call.


This field is returned for buy now, pay later payment methods in the result URL.


Returns the outcome of the payment. It can take one of the following values:

  • AUTHORISED: The payment authorisation was successfully completed.
  • REFUSED: The payment was refused. Payment authorisation was unsuccessful.
  • CANCELLED: The payment was cancelled by the shopper before completion, or the shopper returned to the merchant's site before completing the transaction.
  • PENDING: It is not possible to obtain the final status of the payment.
    This can happen if the systems providing final status information for the payment are unavailable, or if the shopper needs to take further action to complete the payment.
  • ERROR: An error occurred during the payment processing.
merchantReferenceString-white_check_mark-The reference you assigned to the original payment.



If you define this field in the payment session setup, the value is returned as is. This information is useful to build a custom result page, and it integrates seamlessly with the shopper's session on your server.

When the payment status is defined, we send you a webhook event. This event is the recommended way to update the payment status in your back office. Webhooks are more reliable in its delivery because the resultURL parameter relies on the shopper's browser/computer/Internet connection, any of which could fail at any time.

 We recommend setting a fixed resultURL in the skin configuration. However, sometimes it may be preferable to set the result URL on a per-payment basis: to override the resultURL value specified in the skin configuration, you need to set the result URL for the payment session with the  resURL parameter.


String-white_check_mark-The signature in Base64 encoded format. It is generated by concatenating the values of payment session fields, and by computing the HMAC using the shared secret, as configured in the skin.
For more information, refer to HMAC signature calculation.

The payment method used in the transaction.

When authResult equals CANCELLED, the payment method may not be known; in this case, it is not included.


Adyen's 16-character unique reference associated with the transaction/the request. This value is globally unique; quote it when communicating with us about this request.

When authResult equals PENDINGERROR or CANCELLED, the pspReference may not yet be known; therefore, it may be empty or not included.


The shopperLocale value provided in the payment request.

If no value is specified in the request, the default value  en_GB  is returned.
skinCodeString-white_check_mark-The code that identifies the skin used to process the payment.