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Plugin and partner integrations

How HPP deprecation affects plugin and partner integrations.

Plugins built by Adyen

Plugins built by Adyen stopped using HPP in 2019 for most payment methods. If you're using an older plugin version, you need to upgrade it to a version that doesn't use HPP. Check the GitHub repository of your plugin for the latest releases.

Plugins still use HPP for gift card payments. Gift cards will be upgraded to replace HPP in the first quarter of 2022. If you're accepting gift card payments, you will need to upgrade to this plugin version before October 2022.

If you are still using HPP to process payments, you will receive a notification in November 2021. The notification will be through:

  • Email to the admin user and the technical contact for your Adyen company account.
  • System message to your Adyen company account.

Plugins and platforms built by partners

If you integrated with Adyen through a plugin built by our partners or a third-party platform, you might be using HPP to process payments. Any integration that uses HPP needs to be upgraded. Check with the partner if the integration you have with them is affected by the HPP deprecation.

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