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Conversion report

Find 3D Secure conversion data.

Time zone

This report is based on the CET time zone.

The 3D Secure Conversion report includes information about your transactions that used 3D Secure.

Report structure


Under the header line, each line in the report is a separate entry.


Each column shows specific information about the entries.

Column Description
company Your company name.
merchant Your merchant name.
pspreference The payment service provider (PSP) reference to the transaction.
acquirer The acquirer.
merchant_reference Your reference to the transaction.
payment_method The payment method.
creation_date The date of creation of the transaction.
time_zone The time zone of the transaction.
currency The type of currency.
amount The transaction amount.
shopper_interaction The type of shopper interaction.
bin The Bank Identification Number.
shopper_name The shopper's name.
shopper_ip The shopper's IP address.
shopper_country The shopper's country.
acquirer_response The acquirer response to authorisation.
raw_acquirer_response The raw acquirer response to authorisation.
shopper_email The shopper's email address.
cvc_supplied Whether the CVC was supplied.
cvc_response_code The CVC response code.
threed_directory_response The directory response to explain whether 3D Secure was offered for the transaction. For example, C.
threed_authentication_response The authentication response to explain the outcome of the authorisation attempt. For example, Y.

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