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Learn about error codes from Adyen APIs and how to resolve them.

When an API request results to an error, Adyen sends a response with the error details in the body and a corresponding HTTP status code. The response body contains a description of the error, possible causes, and a link to a documentation page.

HTTP status codes

Adyen sends the following HTTP status codes in the header:

  • 2xx - The request is successful.
  • 4xx - The request failed because of the information in the request, such as values with incorrect format, or not having the required fields.
  • 5xx - The request failed because of errors with Adyen's servers.

Error response fields

The error responses use the RFC 7807 format.

Field Description
type A URL of a documentation page where you can find more information about the error.
title A generic description of the problem.
status The HTTP status code.
detail An explanation of the error.
requestId An Adyen-generated unique identifier for the request. If you need help from our Support team, this is the ID that you need to provide them so they can investigate.
errorCode Unique error code. Use the error code to build your error handling logic.
invalidFields A list of required fields that are missing from the request, or have invalid data. Each entry contains:
-name: The name of the field on the request.
-message: Provides an explanation of the error, and solutions on what you can do to fix the error.
-value: Returned when a field has invalid data. This contains the value from the request.


Here's an example of an error response for a request that contains a date with an incorrect format.

Invalid date format
    "type": "",
    "title": "The request is missing required fields or contains invalid data.",
    "status": 422,
    "detail": "Invalid legal entity information provided",
    "requestId": "1W3ZNX5TDKH29T0M",
    "invalidFields": [
            "name": "individual.birthData.dateOfBirth",
            "value": "12-30-1966",
            "message": "Invalid date value provided. Expected format yyyy-MM-dd"
    "errorCode": "30_102"