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CSE library public key, location, and token

The Client-Side Encryption (CSE) Web integrations are being phased out
This means we are:

  • No longer developing the CSE integration.
  • Not accepting new CSE integrations.

Switch to one of our latest Web integrations, to accept payments on your website.

Mobile integrations aren't affected.

For using the Client-Side Encryption (CSE) library, you need to obtain its public key, location, and library token.

To obtain these values, follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to your Customer Area using your company-level account.

  2. Navigate to Developers > API credentials.

  3. If you don't have an API credential yet, click Add new credential.
    If you already have an API credential, search for this credential (for example, ws@Company.[YourCompanyAccount])  in the list.

  4. On the Edit Web Service User page, click the Generate button on the Client-Side Encryption panel:

  5. Copy Public Key, Library location, and Library token values to store them on your system:

Note that these values will be changed once you switch your account from test to live .