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Sort payment methods

Present payment methods to shoppers in a custom order.

The Checkout SDK integrations are being phased out
This means we are:
  • No longer developing the Checkout SDK integration.
  • Not accepting new Checkout SDK integrations.
We will announce the end-of-life plan in 2022. From the moment we announce the end-of-life plan, you will have approximately 12 months to migrate. Switch to Drop-in or Components, the latest pre-built UI solution for your website, or iOS or Android app.

When a shopper reaches your payments form they are presented with a list of payment methods. By default, the most popular payment methods in their country appear at the top.
If you want to present payment methods to shoppers in a different order, you can sort them in your Customer Area. Sorting payment methods is done per country.
In your Customer Area:

  1. Go to Settings > Checkout settings.
    If Checkout settings does not appear in the Settings menu, ask your Admin user to enable the Change payment methods user role for your user account.
  2. Select a Country that you want to configure. The list of payment methods you see below are in the order they will appear in your payments form.
  3. Drag the payment methods into the order that you want them to appear in your payments form.
  4. Click Save.