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Native 3D Secure 2 authentication

Support 3D Secure 2 natively on your website or mobile app.

The latest version of 3D Secure brings a new approach to authentication through a wider range of data and biometric authentication, and with an improved online payments experience.

Unlike 3D Secure 1 where the shopper is redirected to another site to verify the payment, in 3D Secure 2 the card issuer performs the authentication within your app or payment form. The shopper's identity may be verified using passive, biometric, or a two-factor authentication approach. For more information, refer to 3D Secure 2 authentication flows.

Payments routed to 3D Secure 1

Some issuers are not yet ready to support 3D Secure 2, or have better performance on 3D Secure 1. To optimize for full funnel conversion, Adyen's Authentication Engine routes each payment to either the 3D Secure 2 or the 3D Secure 1 flow, based on issuer performance. This means that you should make sure that your integration can also handle a 3D Secure 1 redirect authentication.

Note that if you are implementing 3D Secure for PSD2 compliance, not having a fallback implementation might negatively affect your full funnel conversion rates since SCA is required for authorization in some markets. See PSD2 SCA compliance guide for more information.

Which platform are you integrating?

We recommend that you handle the 3D Secure authentication flows using either our Drop-in solution, or our 3D Secure 2 Components for Web, iOS, and Android.

For more information and detailed instructions, select which platform you are integrating:

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