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Donations using our Giving feature

Let your online shoppers donate to charity.

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With our Giving feature, you can give your shoppers the option to donate to a charity as part of your payment flow.

Donations can be made using many popular payment methods and are paid to the charity's bank account.

How it works

Point of sale
Learn how Giving works in your store.

The payment flow when you accept donations is as follows:

  1. The shopper pays for goods or services.
  2. When the payment is complete, you ask the shopper if they want to donate.
  3. If the shopper chooses to donate, you make an API request for the donation.
  4. We route the donation to the charity and settle the donation amount to their bank account.

Your shopper will see two separate charges on their bank statement: one for the payment and one for the donation.

Choosing a charity

You can donate to one of our pre-approved charities or choose another charity. Before a charity can receive donations, they need to be onboarded with Giving.

To donate to a charity that hasn't already been onboarded with Giving, you must ask for their consent before beginning the onboarding process.

To begin the onboarding process, contact your Adyen Account Manager or our Support Team so that we can:

  • Handle the onboarding with the charity, including giving them a Customer Area account where they can see an overview of donations, and handle any refunds and chargebacks.
  • Enable Giving for your merchant account.
  • Give you the donationAccount for the charity. You must include it with each donation request.

Supported payment methods

Donations are supported for the following payment methods:

Integrate the Giving feature

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