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Payment notifications in NetSuite

View notifications

Adyen sends you notifications indicating the transaction confirmation or another change of the transaction status. For example, a NetSuite sales order may have been given an approved='true' status on the authorization request. However, this status may be revoked in the future. In both cases, a corresponding notification is sent out.

To see these notifications in NetSuite:

  • Go to Transactions > Management > View Gateway Asynchronous Notifications.

After that, the Notifications Log page is shown. Note that every transaction may have one or more entries in this table.

All received notifications appear in the Notifications Log immediately on receipt. There is no lag between the time of receipt by NetSuite and the time it shows in the log.

Chargeback notifications

If a shopper initiated a chargeback, Adyen sends you a corresponding notification. In this case, the Adyen Payment Processing plug-in creates the necessary NetSuite chargeback records to enter them in the Chargeback Notifications area. 

To see the chargebacks:

  1. Go to Customization > Lists, Records, & Files > Record Types.
  2. Select Chargeback Notification and a List for it.

After selecting a specific chargeback notification, you can see chargeback details including the date, transaction number, amount, and reason.