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Financial reporting

Use reports to perform financial tasks, such as validating funds received, validating and booking costs against your accounts, and reconciling balances.

Adyen helps you streamline your accounts-payable workload globally across ecommerce, in-app, and POS for all your payment methods. This reduces manual work for your team, helps prevent errors, and takes the stress out of your close process.

To facilitate this, Adyen provides:

  • Reports: Automatically generated based on a specified schedule. Contain information about all your transactions globally in a CSV format. Allows you to automate payment-level tracking of sales, receivables, and settled amounts and thus focus on handling exceptions.

  • Notifications:  Inform you of payment status changes to automatically trigger business processes. For more information, see Notification webhooks.

Report types

Adyen provides a number of reports at company and merchant account levels:

Task Report needed
  • Transaction-level reconciliation.
  • Book payment costs, chargebacks, reversals and any associated costs.
  • Clear your account receivable balance.
Settlement detail report
  • Review authorised and refused payments and validate funds received.
  • Review financial status changes, events and modifications of individual payments.
  • Perform full bookkeeping and user auditing.
  • Validate gross sales on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Identify discrepancies between sales and payments received.
Payment accounting report

Settlement detail and Payment accounting reports

  • Balance-level reconciliation.
Aggregate settlement report
  • Validate accounting by comparing values with the settlement detail report.
  • Determine end balances for either monthly or daily periods.
  • Check transaction fees.
  • Optimize for incidental costs (fees and so on).
Monthly and daily finance report
  • Refunding before payment becomes chargeback.
  • Avoid notification of fraud and request for information.
Dispute report
  • Review payments sent to external party.
External settlement detail report
  • View details of shopper interaction, risk scoring, card metadata, and acquirer response.
  • Reference payment statuses from the payment accounting report.
  • Review rich metadata about shopper behavior, issuing bank, AVS, 3DS.
Received payment detail report
  • Use this report to keep your system up to date with all available status changes in your own database.
  • Replicate Adyen's accounting data for financial reporting.
MarketPay payments accounting report
  • MarketPay-specific report.
  • Balance information for your marketplace in one place, across account holders and accounts.
MarketPay balance report

Payment statuses and corresponding reports

The status of a payment is reported in the settlement detail, payment accounting, and dispute reports. 

For more information on payment statuses, see Payments lifecycle.

Downloading reports

You can access your reports in Customer Area, or set up automatic downloading. For more information, see Downloading reports.

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