Create a transfer instrument


Creates a transfer instrument.

A transfer instrument is a bank account that a legal entity owns. Adyen performs verification checks on the transfer instrument as required by payment industry regulations. We inform you of the verification results through webhooks or API responses.

When the transfer instrument passes the verification checks, you can start sending funds from the balance platform to the transfer instrument (such as payouts).

Endpoint destination URL
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Header Parameters


Use a suberror code as your requested verification code. You can include one code at a time in your request header. Requested verification codes can only be used in your test environment.

Request Parameters


Contains information about the legal entity's bank account.


The unique identifier of the legal entity that owns the transfer instrument.


The type of transfer instrument.

Possible value: bankAccount.

Response parameters

After submitting a call, you receive a response message to inform you that your request was received and processed.

Depending on the HTTP status code of the response message, it is helpful to build some logic to handle any errors that a request or the system may return.

HTTP Responses

  • 200 - OK

    The request has succeeded.

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  • 400 - Bad Request

    A problem reading or understanding the request.

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  • 401 - Unauthorized

    Authentication required.

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  • 403 - Forbidden

    Insufficient permissions to process the request.

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  • 422 - Unprocessable Entity

    A request validation error.

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  • 500 - Internal Server Error

    The server could not process the request.

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