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Analytics and data tracking

Find out what usage data Adyen collects for Drop-in and Components.

Drop-in and Components include analytics and tracking features which let us collect usage data about your integration. We use this data to improve the performance of our products and we store it for two years.

You can configure what data we are allowed to collect.

Benefits of data collection

The data we collect will help us to:

  • Optimize the checkout experience. For example, find out how different device types can affect checkout performance and make improvements where needed.
  • See region and industry specific performance. For example, identify integration issues with popular payment methods to improve performance and conversion.
  • Compare different integration types you might have. For example, compare performance to continuously improve the product and the checkout experience for the shopper.

Versions with data collection features

Data we are collecting

Analytics data collection is turned on by default for the versions that have this feature.

Using telemetry we're tracking the:

  • Type of integration you're using, that is Drop-in or Components.
  • Version of Drop-in or Components.
  • Platform, that is web, iOS, or Android.
  • Locale, which is the language the shopper sees in the UI, for example en-US.
  • URL for the page where you mounted Drop-in or Components.
  • Payment methods rendered on Drop-in.
  • Components you're using.
  • User agent.
  • Payment amount and currency.

We also collect a checkout attempt identifier, which links the telemetry data to the payment data. We are not using cookies to collect analytics data.

Check with your legal counsel if in your country or region the collection of this data needs to be added to your privacy or cookie policy.

Configure data collection

Analytics data collection is enabled by default. You can configure data collection for each of your integrations:

Parameter Description
analytics.enabled Indicates if you're sending analytics data to Adyen. This includes both telemetry and the checkout session identifier. Default: true.

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