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Closing your fiscal period

Use the balances in Adyen reports to close your fiscal period

Balances overview dashboard

If you have a manual bookkeeping process or don't want to look at a spreadsheet, you can check your balances in a dashboard instead.

Depending on when you close your fiscal period, you need the Monthly finance report or Daily finance report.

Your Adyen account holds several balances recorded in different registers in the report. Figure out which amounts are relevant to your fiscal period closing process and find them in the report.

Find the details of your balances

If the last day of your fiscal period is the last day of the month, you can use the Monthly finance report to close your fiscal period.

If not, you can use the Daily finance report to close your fiscal period.

Look in the Payment balances sheet.

Under the heading line that includes the Account, TestMerchant, included date range, and currency, there are tables for different account registers.

Account register balances

Column B shows the name of the account register. Each account register has its own Opening Balance and End Balance entry.

Balance movements

Column C shows all the journal types recorded in the account register, below the Opening Balance and above the End Balance entry.
Column E shows the count (the number of records) of each journal type, and Column F shows the monetary amount.

You can use these balance movement entries to track the balances throughout the date range of the report.

Monthly or daily opening and closing balances

You can use the opening and closing balances when you close a fiscal period. For example, if you are closing a fiscal year, you can match the end balance of the last month of your fiscal year to the end balance of your whole fiscal year.

Look in the Balances sheet.

In the Monthly finance report, it shows the opening balance and the end balance for the month.
In the Daily finance report, it shows the opening balance of the report date and the opening balance of the first day of the month.

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