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Apple Pay express checkout

Configure Apple Pay for express checkout.

Apple Pay is an express payment method that lets shoppers pay with fewer steps.

Before you begin

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This page assumes you have already built a Components integration.

Apple Pay express checkout is supported only with the Advanced flow integration.

Set up Apple Pay

Enable Apple Pay with your own or Adyen's Apple Pay certificate.

Code samples

Step 1: Create a DOM element

Create a Document Object Model (DOM) element where you want to implement express checkout.

When you create the Apple Pay Component to mount on this DOM element, add the required configuration:

Step 2: Configure Apple Pay to return the shopper's details

Set the requiredBillingContactFields and requiredShippingContactFields:

Step 3: Configure the callback to handle shipping address changes

Implement the onShippingContactSelected event so that you get updated information when the shopper selects a different shipping address.

You must pass the fields from the ApplePayShippingContactUpdate object, including:

Step 4: Configure the callback to handle shipping method changes

Configure the ApplePayShippingMethodSelectedEvent to handle when the shopper selects a different shipping method.

Step 5: Configure the callback to get the shopper's information

Implement the event handler to get the shopper's information from Apple Pay. This is triggered after onSubmit:

Step 6: Mount the Component

Check that Apple Pay is available and mount the Component: