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Learn how to accept GoPay payments.

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Go to the Gojek website to learn more about GoPay.

GoPay is a popular digital wallet in Indonesia. Shoppers sign up and register for GoPay with their mobile number, and get assigned a PIN. Once they are registered, shoppers can transfer funds from their bank accounts or deposit cash at GoPay offline stores to fund their GoPay wallet.

GoPay only supports recurring payments.

How to pay with GoPay

After shoppers select GoPay on your website or mobile app:

  1. Shoppers are redirected to the GoPay website and log in with their mobile number.
  2. Shoppers enter their one-time password that they receive via SMS.
  3. Shoppers authenticate the payment with their assigned PIN.
  4. When prompted, shoppers confirm the payment
  5. Shoppers are redirected to your website or mobile app.
Payment type Payment flow Countries Currencies Recurring Refunds Partial refunds Separate
Wallet Redirect ID IDR
See note 1
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1 The amount in minor units for the currency IDR is submitted without decimals in the payments request. For example, 10000 IDR is submitted as 10000. For more information, see Currency codes.

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