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Accept BLIK payments in Poland.

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Learn more about BLIK on their website.

BLIK is a popular payment method in Poland. Shoppers can use their bank mobile application to obtain a secure six-digit code.

How to use BLIK

After a shopper selects BLIK on your website:

  1. The shopper has to enter a secure BLIK code in the payment form.
  2. They get this unique six-digit code from their banking application and enter it on your checkout page. This links the transaction to the correct banking app. The BLIK code expires in 120 seconds.
  3. Once the shopper selects Pay, BLIK sends a push notification to their banking app.
  4. The shopper needs to authorize the payment on their banking app within 45 seconds for the payment to go through.
Payment type Payment flow Countries Currencies Recurring Refunds Partial refunds Separate
Online banking Additional action
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