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Card receipts

Guidelines for e-commerce card receipts.

You must provide your shoppers with a receipt when they pay by card online, or when you refund a payment made by card online.

If you send a receipt by email:

  • Provide the receipt in a static format that cannot be easily manipulated.
  • Include your business name as it appears in the receipt in the subject or the first line of the email.
  • State that the email contains the receipt or a link to it.

If you link to a website or application where the shopper can access the receipt:

  • Provide clear instructions for accessing the receipt.
  • Ensure that the link goes directly to the receipt.
  • Make the receipt available to the shopper for at least 120 calendar days after the capture date.

Fields to include

Receipt field Description
Name Your business name. This should be something your shopper can easily identify.
Transaction date The date the transaction was made in the shopper's local time zone. You can also include the time.
Description An itemized description of the goods or services paid for or refunded.
Transaction type Sale or refund.
Transaction amount The full amount captured or refunded.
Transaction currency Symbol of the currency the transaction was made in.
Authorization code The transaction's authorization code
Truncated card account number The last four digits of the card number.
Card scheme brand For example Visa or Mastercard.
Registration address The registered address of your business including country/region, province/state and city.
Online address The URL of your website.
Customer service details Contact details for your customer service team.
Cancellation, return and refund policies This can be a direct link to the relevant page on your website.

Prohibited information

Card number

You must not include more than the last four digits of the card number on the receipt.


You must not include the shopper's personal identification number (PIN), any part of the PIN or any characters representing the PIN on the receipt.


You must not include the shopper's card security code (CVC/CVV) on the receipt.

Scheme promotion

You must not include any promotional language advertising a competitor scheme's cards on the receipt. For example, advertising payment with Visa if a Mastercard was used.