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Airline ESD

You can send airline ESD for US domestic transactions with commercial or consumer cards if you have one of the following MCCs:

MCC Description Scheme
3000-3350 Airlines Mastercard, Visa
4511 Airlines and air carriers Mastercard, Visa
4722 Travel agencies and tour operators * Mastercard, Visa

* If you have this MCC, you are expected to get the interchange fees discount for Mastercard payments without sending airline data.

Sending airline data can lower your interchange fees for Visa and Mastercard transactions. To send airline data for American Express, see ESD for American Express.

The airline ESD fields below are not available in the /payments/{paymentPspReference}/captures request.

Send the following fields in your /payments or /capture request:

Field Required
airline.airline_code -white_check_mark-
airline.ticket_number -white_check_mark-
airline.passenger_name -white_check_mark-
airline.leg[itemNr].carrier_code -white_check_mark-
airline.leg[itemNr].class_of_travel -white_check_mark-
airline.leg[itemNr].destination_code -white_check_mark-
airline.leg[itemNr].date_of_travel -white_check_mark-
airline.leg[itemNr].depart_airport -white_check_mark-
airline.leg[itemNr].flight_number -white_check_mark-
airline.issue_date -white_check_mark-

Below is an example of a /payments request with airline ESD.

Below is an example of a /capture request with airline ESD.