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Level 2/3 ESD

Level 2/3 ESD is for US domestic payments made using most purchasing cards, corporate cards and fleet cards. For most business cards, you can only send level 2 ESD. Level 2/3 ESD lets companies track how much is spent on their corporate cards and the amount of sales tax:

  • Level 2 ESD is purchase and tax details for the payment.
  • Level 3 ESD is level 2 ESD plus line item details such as product quantity and product description.

Requirements to send level 2/3 ESD

You can send level 2/3 ESD if you do not process under any of the airline, car rental, lodging or temporary services MCCs.

Merchants processing payments under some other MCCs also cannot send level 2/3 ESD.

If you have one of the following MCCs, do not send level 2/3 ESD for Visa or Mastercard payments:

  • 4112 Passenger Railways
  • 5812 Eating Places and Restaurants

If you have one of the following MCCs, do not send level 2/3 ESD for Visa payments:

  • 4411 Steamship and Cruise Lines
  • 5814 Fast Food Restaurants

Tax requirements

The tax requirements to qualify for the level 2 interchange rates are different for Visa and Mastercard:

  • Visa: The total tax amount must be between 0.1% and 22%.
  • Mastercard: The total tax amount must be between 0.1% and 30%.

For level 3 ESD, the minimum requirements do not apply, you can send it for transactions with a total tax amount of less than 0.1%. The maximums apply to both level 2 and level 3 transactions.

Check which level of ESD to send

To check which level of ESD you can send for a card, you can use the cardSchemeEnhancedDataLevel parameter from the /payments response. Contact our Support Team to enable this. The cardSchemeEnhancedDataLevel response does not guarantee a lower interchange rate, and you can still send level 2/3 ESD without enabling this parameter.


Use the following test card to test payments with level 2/3 ESD:

Card Number Card Type Expiry Date CVV
5555 5555 5555 4444 Mastercard 03/2030 737

Include level 2/3 ESD in your request

Send the following fields in your /payments or /capture request:

Level Field Format Required
2 and 3 enhancedSchemeData.customerReference ASCII -white_check_mark-
2 and 3 enhancedSchemeData.totalTaxAmount Numeric -white_check_mark-
3 enhancedSchemeData.itemDetailLine[itemNr].productCode ASCII -white_check_mark-
3 enhancedSchemeData.itemDetailLine[itemNr].description ASCII -white_check_mark-
3 enhancedSchemeData.itemDetailLine[itemNr].quantity Numeric -white_check_mark-
3 enhancedSchemeData.itemDetailLine[itemNr].unitOfMeasure ASCII -white_check_mark-
3 enhancedSchemeData.itemDetailLine[itemNr].commodityCode ASCII -white_check_mark-
3 enhancedSchemeData.itemDetailLine[itemNr].totalAmount Numeric -white_check_mark-
3 enhancedSchemeData.itemDetailLine[itemNr].unitPrice Numeric -white_check_mark-
3 enhancedSchemeData.destinationCountryCode ASCII
3 enhancedSchemeData.destinationPostalCode ASCII
3 enhancedSchemeData.destinationStateProvinceCode ASCII
3 enhancedSchemeData.dutyAmount Numeric
3 enhancedSchemeData.freightAmount Numeric
3 enhancedSchemeData.orderDate ASCII
3 enhancedSchemeData.shipFromPostalCode ASCII
3 enhancedSchemeData.itemDetailLine[itemNr].discountAmount Numeric

Below is an example of a /payments request with level 3 ESD.

Below is an example of a /capture request with level 3 ESD.