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Gift cards

Learn how to accept gift card payments.

Gift cards are stored value cards: payment cards with a monetary value that is stored on the card itself instead of in a bank account. Gift cards can be virtual or plastic cards. Some plastic gift cards can be reused by loading more funds, others are disposable cards that can't be reloaded.

With Adyen, you can process online and in-person payments for gift cards provided by Givex, Stored Value Solutions (SVS), Fiserv (formerly ValueLink), and key local gift card providers in several countries/regions. You first need to complete an onboarding process with a gift card provider.

Partial payments

When a shopper wants to pay with a gift card that has a balance less than the full payment amount, you can let the shopper make a partial payment with the gift card and pay the remaining amount with different payment method.

Depending on your integration, you may need to take additional steps to accept partial payments. See the page for your integration type for details.

Getting the funds for gift card payments

Gift cards can be specific to your business, or they can be used to buy goods or services from a number of businesses.

If the gift card can only be used for your business, then you receive the funds upfront. When a shopper redeems a gift card, a request is sent to your gift card provider to remove the amount from the card. No funds are exchanged.

If a shopper redeems a gift card with you that can be used at a number of businesses, you receive funds from the gift card provider.

Other gift card transactions

Apart from making payments, you can also do other gift card transactions such as checking the balance of a gift card or deactivating it. The supported features depend on the provider and on whether the gift card is used online or at the point of sale.

Payment type Payment flow Countries/regions Currencies Recurring Refunds Partial refunds Separate
Loyalty program Direct International Multiple -x- -white_check_mark-
See note 1
-white_check_mark- -white_check_mark- -x- -x-

1 For some gift cards, there are regulatory limits on transaction amounts. Check with your gift card provider to learn if these limits affect you.

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Supported gift cards

You can use paymentMethod.brand genericgiftcard for any gift card that isn't listed in the table.

Gift card name Countries/regions paymentMethod.brand Provider
Auriga SE, DK, NO, FI auriga Nets
Baby Gift Card NL babygiftcard Intersolve
Bloemen Giftcard NL bloemengiftcard Intersolve
Cashcom SE, DK, NO, FI cashcomgiftcard Nets
Eagle Eye UK CA AU eagleeye_voucher FIS
EnterCard SE, DK, NO, FI entercard Nets
Expert Cadeaukaart NL expertgiftcard Intersolve
Fashioncheque NL fashioncheque Intersolve
FijnCadeau NL fijncadeau Intersolve
Fiserv (formerly ValueLink) International valuelink Fiserv
Fleurop Bloemenbon NL fleuropbloemenbon Intersolve
Fonq Giftcard NL fonqgiftcard Intersolve
Gall & Gall NL gallgall Intersolve
Givex International givex Givex
Hallmark International hallmarkcard FIS
iGive SE, DK, NO, FI igive Nets
Ikano SE, DK, NO, FI ikano Nets
Kado Werekeld NL kadowereld Intersolve
Kids Cadeau NL kidscadeau Intersolve
Kindpas NL kindpas Intersolve
Leisure Voucher GB leisurecard Intersolve
Nationale Bioscoopbon NL nationalebioscoopbon Intersolve
Netscard Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland? netscard Nets
Oberthur SE, DK, NO, FI oberthur Nets
Pathe Giftcard NL pathegiftcard Nets
PayEx SE, DK, NO, FI payex Nets
Podium Card NL podiumcard Intersolve
Resurs Gift Card SE, DK, NO, FI resursgiftcard Nets
Rotterdampas NL rotterdampas Intersolve
Savvy EMEA genericgiftcard Intersolve
Schoolspullenpas NL schoolspullenpas Intersolve
Spar Nord SE, DK, NO, FI sparnord Nets
SpareBank SE, DK, NO, FI sparebank Nets
Stored Value Solutions (SVS) International svs SVS
Universal Gift Card SE, DK, NO, FI universalgiftcard Nets
VVV Cadeaubon NL vvvcadeaubon Intersolve
VVV Giftcard NL vvvgiftcard Intersolve
Webshop Giftcard NL webshopgiftcard Intersolve
Winkel Cheque NL winkelcheque Intersolve
Winterkledingpas NL winterkledingpas Intersolve
XPonCard SE, DK, NO, FI xponcard Nets
Your Gift NL yourgift Intersolve
Illicado FR prosodie_illicado Prosodie