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MobilePay for API only

Add MobilePay to an existing API-only integration.

Accept MobilePay payments using our APIs, and build your own payment form to have full control over the look and feel of your checkout page.

As with other redirect payment methods, you need to redirect your shopper to MobilePay so they can confirm or enter their phone number. To give your shoppers a better experience, you can also send the shopper's telephone number when making the payment, so they no longer have to provide this later when they're redirected to MobilePay.

Before you begin

These instructions explain how to add MobilePay to your existing API-only integration. The API-only integration works the same way for all payment methods. If you haven't done this integration yet, refer to our API-only integration guide.

Before starting your MobilePay integration:

  1. Make sure that you have set up your back end implementation.
  2. Add MobilePay in your Customer Area.

Build your payment form for MobilePay

Include MobilePay in the list of available payment methods. You don't need to collect any information from the shopper in your payment form.

We provide logos for MobilePay that you can use on your payment form. For more information, refer to Downloading logos.

If you are using a POST /paymentMethods request to show available payment methods to the shopper, specify one of the following combinations:

Country countryCode amount.currency amount.value
Denmark DK - DKK
The value of the payment, in minor units.
Finland FI - DKK
The value of the payment, in minor units.

The response contains paymentMethod.type: mobilepay.

Make a payment

From your server, make a POST /payments request, specifying:

  • paymentMethod: mobilepay
  • telephoneNumber: Optional If you already have your shopper's phone number, send it in the request so they no longer have to provide this later when they're redirected to MobilePay.
  • returnUrl: URL to where the shopper should be taken back to after a redirection.

In the /payments response, note the action object. This contains the information needed to redirect the shopper.

Handle the redirect

  1. To complete the payment, redirect the shopper to the action.url returned in the /payments response.

    When using the HTTP GET method:
    For security reasons, when displaying the redirect in the app, we recommend that you use SFSafariViewController for iOS or Chrome Custom Tabs for Android, instead of WebView objects. Also refer to the security best practices for WebView.

  2. After the shopper is redirected back to your website, check the payment result by making a POST /payments/details request, specifying:

    • details: object that contains the URL-decoded redirectResult returned when the shopper was redirected back to your site.
  3. In the response note the following:

    • resultCode: use this to present the result to your shopper.
    • pspReference: our unique identifier for the transaction.

Present the payment result

Use the  resultCode that you received in the /payments/details response to present the payment result to your shopper.

The resultCode values you can receive for MobilePay are:

resultCode Description Action to take
Authorised The payment was successful. Inform the shopper that the payment has been successful, and proceed with the order.
You receive the funds after the payment has been captured.
Cancelled The shopper cancelled the payment. Ask the shopper whether they want to continue with the order, or ask them to select a different payment method.
Error There was an error when the payment was being processed. Inform the shopper that there was an error processing their payment.
Refused The payment was refused. Ask the shopper to try the payment again using a different payment method.

If the shopper failed to return to your website or app, wait for the AUTHORISATION webhook to receive the outcome of the payment:

eventCode success field Description Action to take
AUTHORISATION false The transaction failed. Cancel the order and inform the shopper that the payment failed.
AUTHORISATION true The shopper successfully completed the payment. Inform the shopper that the payment has been successful, and proceed with the order.

Test and go live

Test MobilePay payments

Once you've set up your payment form to show MobilePay and completed your payment method integration, you can test the payment flow.

We recommend that you do a penny test using a live MobilePay account in your live Customer Area, as this is the fastest way to test your integration. If that is not possible, you can use the MobilePay test app.

Live penny test (recommended)

  1. Make sure you have access to a live MobilePay account that is coupled with a Visa, Mastercard, or Dankort account, and a valid phone number.
  2. Submit a request for MobilePay in your live Customer Area.
  3. After MobilePay is added to your Customer Area, make a payment for a minimal amount choosing MobilePay as the payment method.
  4. Check the status of the test payment in your live Customer Area > Transactions > Payments.

MobilePay test app

The MobilePay test app uses shared login credentials.

If you use the MobilePay test app, consider the following:

  • The test phone numbers are shared so all test transaction details will be visible to others. Do not include sensitive data when you make test payments.
  • If you're having issues with a test phone number, try a different number or reach out to for help with the test app.
  • Only use the test app login details provided by MobilePay. For example, if you use the wrong PIN, you could block other test app users.
  • You can only use the Mastercard and Visa test cards provided in the test app. You cannot add other test cards. To test other cards, do a live penny test.
  1. Add the MobilePay payment method in your Customer Area.

  2. Download and install the MobilePay test app. Follow the instructions on the MobilePay website under the header Test app.

  3. Log in to the test app using the information provided by MobilePay. You can use one of the following phone numbers:

    • +4538352308
    • +4522100649


    • +35827259316
    • +35859275251
    • +35837459538
    • +35881044146
  4. You can test different payment statuses with codes to test authorization using additional data.

  5. Check the status of MobilePay test payments in your Customer Area > Transactions > Payments.

Go live

Before you can accept live MobilePay payments, you need to submit a request for MobilePay in your live Customer Area.

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