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Learn how to accept MoMo payments in Vietnam.

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MoMo is an e-wallet in Vietnam with 5 million users and with more than 70% of the market share. Users register with their mobile number to sign up for an account. They can then add funds to their MoMo accounts by linking and transferring funds from their bank accounts or credit cards, or by depositing cash at MoMo offline stores.

How to pay with MoMo

The shopper experience depends on whether your shoppers are paying through your website or mobile app:

After shoppers select MoMo on your website using a desktop browser:

  1. Shoppers are redirected to MoMo's website where they'll be presented a QR code.
  2. Shoppers scan the QR code with the MoMo app on their mobile and confirm the payment.
  3. Shoppers are redirected back to your website.

If shoppers are paying through their mobile browser:

  1. Shoppers are redirected to MoMo's mobile web page where they can choose to complete the payment through the MoMo app or to log in on the mobile web page with their phone number and password.
  2. Shoppers are redirected back to your website.
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