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PayMe Component

Add PayMe QR to an existing Components integration.

On this page, you can find additional configuration for adding PayMe to your Components integration.

Depending on whether your shopper is using a desktop or laptop, or the browser on their mobile device, the Component:

  • Shows the shopper a QR code which they can scan to pay using their PayMe app.
  • Redirects the shopper to the PayMe app on their mobile device.

Implement both flows to make sure that your shoppers can pay on different devices.

PayMe is supported from Web Components version 5.56.0.

Before you begin

This page assumes you have already:

API reference

Select which endpoint you're integrating:

This is the default with Components v5.0.0 or later.

Parameter name Required Description
channel To determine whether the shopper is using a desktop, laptop or mobile.
lineItems.quantity The number of items. Must be between 0 and 9999.
lineItems.sku The stock keeping unit. Maximum length 200 characters. Available if you use Checkout API v70 and later.
lineItems.description The order description to display to the shopper. Maximum length 200 characters.
lineItems.amountIncludingTax Item amount including the tax, in minor units. Must be between 1 and 100000000.
lineItems.itemCategory The item category. Maximum length 200 characters.

See the Web Components integration guide to get the payment outcome and show your shopper the result of the payment.

Component configuration

Step 1: Create a DOM element

Create a DOM element on your checkout page, placing it where you want the payment method form to be rendered:

 <div id="payme-container"></div>

Step 2: Create an instance of the Component

Use the create method of your AdyenCheckout instance, in this case checkout, to create the Component:

const payMeComponent = checkout.create('payme').mount('#payme-container');

Test and go live

Use the PayMe sandbox to test your integration. You do not need to use the PayMe app to test using the sandbox.

Use the amounts specified below to simulate different payment outcomes.

Amount ending in Result Description
81 Authorised Successful payment.
77 OfferCancelled The payment request expired after PayMe's default expiry time of ten minutes.
44 Error There was an error when creating the payment request.