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PayPay Android Drop-in integration

Add PayPay to an existing Drop-in integration.

If you are using Android Drop-in v5.0.0 or later:

This payment method requires no additional configuration.

Follow the Android Drop-in integration guide.

Adyen's Android Drop-in renders PayPay in your payment form, and redirects the shopper to complete the payment.

Before you begin

Choose which server-side flow your integration uses:

This page assumes you have already:

API reference

When you make the /sessions request, PayPay does not require any additional fields.

Android Drop-in configuration

When you configure Drop-in, PayPay does not require any additional configuration.

Test and go live

To test PayPay payments:

  1. Download the PayPay app for iOS or Android.
  2. Sign up for a PayPay developer account and create a test user.
  3. Switch the PayPay app to the sandbox app, and log in with the credentials of the test user.

You can check the status of PayPay test account transactions in your Customer Area at Transactions > Payments.

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