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WeChat Pay Mini Program

Add a Mini Program to the WeChat Pay app.

A Mini Program is a native app or website that is developed within the WeChat social app platform.

The typical user experience is as follows:

  1. The shopper opens the WeChat App.
  2. The shopper goes to the Mini Program.
  3. The merchant sends the payment request with payment method type wechatpayMiniProgram.
  4. The WeChat app shows the payment screen.
  5. The shopper sees the transaction amount in CNY and selects Pay Now.
    • The shopper always pays in CNY from their WeChat Pay wallet, even if the amount is processed in another currency.
  6. The shopper sees the conversion rate and selects the funding source.
  7. The shopper sees Payment successful once the funds are deducted from their balance.

The WeChat Pay Mini Program is available for API-only integrations.