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Risk management

Use our risk management solution to minimize fraud and maximize auth rates.

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RevenueProtect, our risk management system, lets you detect and mitigate fraud, and handle disputes and chargebacks.

Each payment goes through a risk evaluation. Based on your risk settings, risk profile and the risk rules you use, the transaction gets accepted or blocked by risk, or sent to case management for manual review.

Out of the box, the initial risk setup configured for you will help you get started. This page gives you a starting point to further set up RevenueProtect to fit your company's needs.

Set up risk

First, you have to configure your company risk settings, and set up one or more risk profiles. Which type of risk profile you can choose depends on whether you use our basic RevenueProtect solution, or if you have enabled RevenueProtect premium.

Set up risk rules

When you have configured your company risk settings and set up one or more risk profiles, you can configure and use risk rules to address unique risks faced by your business.

Test your risk settings

You can test your risk profile and risk rule setup using your test environment.

Extra risk features

Disputes and chargebacks