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Handle risk rule notifications

Notifications inform you when payment requests trigger risk rules.

Notifications are how we inform your server of payment eventsmodifications, and newly available reports. For risk, notifications inform you when risk rules have been performed. This information is also returned in the payment response.

This setting is not turned on by default. To configure your account to return the triggered risk rules and their results, or to configure your account for version 2, contact our Support Team. Upgrading to version 2 will affect the format of both notifications and payment responses.

Risk rule result line format

Version 1

For version 1, risk rule result lines are in the format: 

fraudCheck-[risk rule ID]-[risk rule name]

For example:


For a list of the risk rule names, see the risk rule name reference.

Notification example


API response example


For more information on the fields returned in the API response, see our API explorer.

Version 2

For version 2, we've added the ability to break custom risk rules into numerous, more specific, rules. This allows you to track when specific risk rules are triggered.

Standard risk rule result lines are in the same format as version 1. Custom risk rule result lines are in the format: 

fraudCheck-[risk rule ID]-CustomFieldCheck-[Rule name]

For example:


For a list of the risk rule names, see the risk rule name reference.

Notification example


API response example


For more information on the fields returned in the API response, see our API explorer.

Risk rule name reference

Use the following table to reference risk rule ID's to their corresponding names.

Risk rule ID Name Name displayed in your Customer Area
1 PaymentDetailRefCheck Card/bank account number
2 CardChunkUsage Card number chunk used more than {times} times within {timespan} {units}
3 PaymentDetailUsage Card/bank account number used more than {times} times within {timespan} {units}
4 HolderNameUsage Card/bank account holder name used more than {times} times within {timespan} {units}
5 IPCountryReferral Shopper IP originates from high-risk country
6 ShopperIpRefCheck Shopper IP
7 ShopperIpUsage Shopper IP used more than {times} times within {timespan} {units}
8 ShopperEmailUsage Shopper email used more than {times} times within {timespan} {units}
9 ShopperIpIssuingCountryCheck Shopper country differs from issuing country
10 HolderNameContainsNumber Card/bank account holder name contains a non-alphabetic character
11 HolderNameIsOneWord Card/bank account holder name is only one word
13 IssuerRefCheck Issuer
15 IssuingCountryReferral Issuer
20 AVSAuthResultCheck Billing address does not match cardholder address (AVS)
22 RegisteredShopperPaymentDetails Card/bank account number already used by another shopper
25 CVCAuthResultCheck Card Security Code (CVC2/CVV2/CID) does not match
26 ShopperEmailRefCheck Shopper email
27 PmOwnerRefCheck Shopper name
29 LiabilityShiftCheck Liability shift status
33 AirlineOneWayTicketCheck Airline data one way ticket
34 AirlineLegCheck Airline data leg
35 TimeToDeliveryCheck Time to delivery
36 ShopperDistinctPaymentDetailsUsage Different cards/bank accounts used by the same shopper
37 ShopperDetailsUsage Shopper initiated a transaction more than {times} times within {timespan} {units}
38 PersistentCookieRefCheck Persistent cookie
40 ShopperAddressRefCheck Shopper address
41 PaymentDetailNonFraudRefCheck Card/bank account number non-fraud
46 DistinctCountryUsageByShopper Different countries used by shopper more than {times} times within {timespan} {units}
47 BlockedCardsUsageByShopper Issuer blocked (previous) card used by shopper
48 ChargebackCountByShopper Shopper has a previous fraud chargeback or notification of fraud
49 DistinctShopperIpUsageByShopper Multiple distinct IP addresses used by shopper more than {times} times within {timespan} {units}
50 DistinctShopperEmailUsageByShopper Multiple distinct email addresses used by shopper more than {times} times within {timespan} {units}
51 DistinctShopperReferenceUsageByShopper Multiple distinct shopper references used by shopper more than {times} times within {timespan} {units}
52 DistinctPaymentDetailUsageByShopper Multiple distinct cards/bank accounts used by shopper more than {times} times within {timespan} {units}
53 DistinctSharedShopperIpUsageByShopper Shopper used shared IP address
54 DistinctSharedPaymentDetailUsageByShopper Shopper used shared card/bank account more than {times} times within {timespan} {units}
55 ShopperAuthorisedFrequency Shopper authorised velocity exceeds {times} times within {timespan} {units}
56 ShopperReferenceCheck Shopper reference
57 BillingAddressDeliveryAddress Billing address differs from delivery address
62 DeliveryMethodCheck Delivery method
63 TransactionAmountCheck Transaction amount
64 TransactionAmountVelocity Authorised transaction amount velocity
65 EmailDomainRefCheck Email domain
66 PhoneNumberRefCheck Telephone number
67 SocialSecurityNumberRefCheck Social Security Number
68 TxVariantShopperReferenceRefCheck PayPal Payer ID
69 AutomatedReferralCheck Shopper automated referral
70 ConsecutiveRefusalsCheck Shopper consecutive refusals exceeds {times} times within {timespan} {units}
71 LoyalShopperTrustCheck Trust loyal shoppers
72 TransactionTimeCheck Transaction time
73 PaymentMethodReferralCheck Payment method
74 EmailNameCheck Email address and shopper name comparison
75 PaymentDetailCarteBancaireRefCheck Carte Bancaire scheme blocked cards
76 ExternalSSNCheck Brazil CPF
77 EmailSyntaxCheck Email is likely to be fake or automatically generated
78 ShopperBehaviorCheck Fraudulent behavior on payment page
79 BinAttackRefCheck BIN attack
80 ShopperAccountAgeCheck Shopper account age
81 SchufaCheck SCHUFA
82 CustomFieldCheck Merchant defined name
83 DistinctAddressUsageByShopper Multiple distinct delivery addresses used by shopper more than {times} times within {timespan} {units}
84 PaymentDetailCUPRefCheck CUP scheme blocked cards
85 FraudRefusalsCheck Fraud refusals exceed {times} times within {timespan} {units}
86 PaymentDetailAmexRefCheck American Express scheme blocked cards
87 AcquirerResultEmailCheck PayPal auth-result email
88 AcquirerVerifiedShopperCheck PayPal verified shopper
89 AcquirerProtectionCheck PayPal protection eligibility
90 TxVariantCountryReferral PayPal account creation blocked country
91 ShopperStrongAuthenticationCheck Strong authentication confirmed {times} times in {timespan} {units}
92 TransactionHighAmountVelocityCheck High amount velocity
93 ShopperDeliveryAddressUsage Shopper delivery address used more than {times} times within {timespan} {units}