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Generate and download Balance Platform Reports

Learn how to generate and get Balance Platform reports.

You can generate balance platform reports automatically according to a specific schedule, or manually on-demand.

Step 1: Generate reports

To automatically generate reports:

  1. Log in to your Balance Platform Customer Area.

  2. Go to Reports.

  3. Select the name of the report you want to generate.

  4. Select Manage report.

  5. Select Automatic (schedule based).

    Keep the Automatic generation toggle selected. If you deselect this option, the schedule for generating reports is deleted.

  6. Select Close.

The schedule depends on the report type and your balance platform configuration. When a report is generated, Adyen sends a webhook.

Step 2: Get updates when a report is available

To get updates when a balance platform report is generated and available for download, listen to the webhook. The webhook contains the URL at which you can download the report.

Step 3: Download reports

All reports are generated in CSV format. You can also generate the Accounting report in TSV format. We recommend that you create a script to load the reports and reconcile into your systems. Alternatively, you can use any spreadsheet software to open the file and reconcile manually.

You can download reports programmatically by making an HTTP GET request, or manually from your Balance Platform Customer Area.

To download reports programmatically:

  1. Ask your Adyen contact for your report credentials. You must use your report credentials to authenticate your GET request.
  2. Download the report with an HTTP GET request. Include:
    • The name of your report API credential.
    • The basic authentication password for your report API credential.
    • The URL from the downloadUrl field in the webhook.

Here is how to download a Balance Platform Balance Report for the API credential report_[123456]@BalancePlatform.YOUR_BALANCE_PLATFORM: