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Manage balance accounts

View and manage the balance accounts in your platform.

To manage the balance accounts on your issuing, you can use the Configuration API to:

You can also log in to your Customer Area to view account holders and their balance accounts.

View balance accounts

To view the balance accounts and the available balances of your account holder, you can either use your Balance Platform Customer Area or make an API request.

To get balance accounts, use the following endpoints:

Update a balance account

To update a balance account, make a PATCH /balanceAccounts/{id} request. The following example shows how to update the description of a balance account.

Close a balance account

In some scenarios, you might want to close an account holder's balance account. For example, an account holder that has separate balance accounts for their businesses might want to close one of their businesses.

To permanently close a balance account:

  1. Check if the balance account has zero balance. You can only close an empty balance account, so if there are funds left, you must transfer any remaining balance to another balance account.
  2. Close a balance account by updating the balance account and setting the status to Closed.

If an account holder discontinues their contractual relationship with your issuing, you can also permanently deactivate the account holder.