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View payment details

View information about the payments ocurring in your platform

Alternative: Webhooks

You can also track payment events by setting up webhooks.

You can track any payment that occurs in your platform by using your Balance Platform Customer Area. Here, payment details are shown in the list of Transfers.

This page explains how to view payments in the list of Transfers.

View transfers and payments

To view the transfers occurring in your platform, including payments:

  1. Log in to your Balance Platform Customer Area.
  2. Go to the Transfers page.
  3. If needed, use the filters to tailor the list.
  4. Select a row from the table.

The panel at the right-hand side of the page shows the details of the selected transfer.

You can also see the payment details listed in a separate Transfers details page. To open this page, select the Transfer ID of a payment or transfer.

Find a specific payment

In the Transfers page, you can find a specific payment by using the filter and search features.

Set a filter by using the buttons on the filter bar, located on top of the transfers list. For example, you can filter transfers based on the date, status, or reference numbers. This helps to highlight payments with refusal problems.

For example, to see a list of refused card payments within a specific period, set the following filters:

  • Date: Set a date range.
  • Type: Select Payment.
  • Status: Select Refused.

Now you see all the refused card payments.

Also, you can search for a payment by its ID or description. You can limit the scope of search results by applying filters before searching.

To search for a payment:

  1. Select Search.
  2. On the dropdown menu, select Transfers.
  3. In the text field, enter information such, as the Transfer ID or Description.

The search window now shows any corresponding payments.

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