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Authorization rates and troubleshooting

Get insights into your authorization rate using the Balance Platform Accounting Report.

To better understand your authorization rates, check information about the payment context. The payment context consists of parameters sent by the acquirer. You can use the Accounting Report to help you investigate refusals and increase your authorization rate.

In the report, the payment context included is:

  • Payment instrument: the type and ID of the payment instrument used in order to identify the card and cardholder. You can find additional information in your Balance Platform Customer Area.
  • Entrymode: the point-of-sale entry mode as reported by the acquirer, such as chip or manual.
  • Shopper interaction: the type of transaction, such as POS or Ecommerce.
  • MCC (Merchant Category Code): allows you to identify the industry of the counterparty.
  • Counterparty information: includes the name, address, city, and country.