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Donations using Giving

Let your online shoppers donate to nonprofit.

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With Adyen Giving, you can give your shoppers the option to donate to a nonprofit as part of your payment flow.

Donations can be made using many popular payment methods and are paid to the nonprofit's bank account.

How it works

In-person payments

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The payment flow when you accept donations is as follows:

  1. The shopper pays for goods or services.
  2. When the payment is complete, you ask the shopper if they want to donate.
  3. If the shopper chooses to donate, you make an API request for the donation.
  4. We route the donation to the nonprofit and settle the donation amount to their bank account.

Your shopper will see two separate charges on their bank statement: one for the payment and one for the donation.

Choosing a nonprofit

You can donate to one of our pre-approved nonprofits or choose another nonprofit, which requires them to go through the onboarding process.

Integrate with Giving


Integration resources

Supported payment methods

Payment method Online In-person
American Express -white_check_mark- -white_check_mark-
Mastercard -white_check_mark- -white_check_mark-
Visa -white_check_mark- -white_check_mark-
Diners -white_check_mark- -white_check_mark-
Discover -white_check_mark- -white_check_mark-
Cartes Bancaires
In-person only for French non-profits.
-white_check_mark- -white_check_mark-
Bancontact -white_check_mark-
Interac -white_check_mark- -white_check_mark-
eftpos -white_check_mark-
JCB -white_check_mark- -white_check_mark-
Apple Pay -white_check_mark-
Google Pay -white_check_mark- -white_check_mark-
iDEAL -white_check_mark-