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Apple Pay Component integration

Add Apple Pay to an existing Components integration.

On this page, you can find additional configuration for adding Apple Pay to your Drop-in integration.

Before you begin

This page assumes you have already:

Set up Apple Pay

Enable Apple Pay with your own Apple Pay certificate.

API reference

You don't need to send additional fields for Apple Pay. See the /payments endpoint API reference for the optional fields you can send.

If you run into an error, refer to Handle Apple Pay errors.

Component configuration

When you create configuration object for AdyenCheckout, you must add additional properties for Apple Pay.

Property Description
merchantID Your Apple Pay merchant identifier.
merchantName Your merchant name. This is used to generate PKPaymentSummaryItem .

Optional configuration

You can optionally include the following properties when you configure AdyenCheckout:

Property Description
allowOnboarding Set to true to let the shopper add cards to their Apple Pay wallet if there are none.
By default this is set to false, and Apple Pay isn't shown as an available payment method if there are no cards in their Apple Pay wallet.

Create a way, like a button, for AdyenCheckout to call the start function.

Test and go live

Use Apple's test card numbers to test your integration.

For a full list of test cards and instructions how to add these to your test device, see Sandbox testing on Apple's Developer website.

Check the status of an Apple Pay test payment in your Customer Area > Transactions >  Payments.

Going live

To process live Apple Pay payments, your API credential needs to have the API Clientside Encryption Payments role. You can check this in your live Customer Area or ask your Admin user to verify.

Make sure you follow Apple's guidelines on:

  1. Enable Apple Pay on your Apple Pay Developer account for your live merchant identifier.

  2. Set up your server for secure communication with Apple Pay.

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