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Additional settings

Receive additional shopper and transaction information in standard webhooks.

You can optionally receive more information about a transaction in your standard webhooks. You receive this information as additionalData included in the webhook.

To enable receiving this additional information:

  1. In your Customer Area, go to Developers >  Webhooks.
  2. Next to Standard webhook, select the edit icon .
  3. Under Additional Settings, select the edit icon for the kind of information you want to receive.
  4. Select the information you want to receive, then Apply. See the table below for details.
  5. Select Save changes.

You can receive the following information:

Setting Description Fields included in additionalData

Add Acquirer Result

Receive Adyen's standardized mapping of the acquirer results for AVS and CVC checks.

  • referred

  • authCode

  • cvcResult

  • avsResult

Add Payment Account Reference

Receive the Payment Account Reference (PAR) to link transactions from the same account across wallets like visa-applepay and visa.

To receive the PAR for point-of-sale transactions, this must also be enabled under Developers > Additional data.

  • PaymentAccountReference

Add Raw Acquirer Result

Receive the raw acquirer results for AVS and CVC checks.

  • acquirerCode

  • cvcResultRaw

  • avsResultRaw

  • refusalReasonRaw

HMAC Key (HEX Encoded)

Use this to generate a new HMAC key for your webhook events. For more information on HMAC signatures, see Verify HMAC signatures .

  • hmacSignatureKey

Include ARN

Receive the Acquirer Reference Number (ARN) . This can be used for reconciliation if Adyen Acquiring is not used for settlement. The ARN is only returned in CAPTURE and REFUND webhook events.
  • arn

Include Acquirer Error Details

Receive the details of errors sent by the Acquirer .
  • acquirerErrorCode

Include Acquirer Reference

Receive the Acquirer Reference . This can be used for reconciliation when Adyen Acquiring is used for settlement.
  • acquirerReference

Include Alias Info

Receive the alias of the shopper's credit card number.
  • alias

  • aliasType

Include Authorised Amount (dynamic zero auth)

Receive the value of the authorisation amount of a Zero-value auth .
  • authorisedAmountValue

  • authorisedAmountCurrency

Include Bank Account Details

Receive details of the shopper's bank account.

  • bankName

  • bankAccountNumber

  • bankLocationId

  • bic

  • countryCode

  • iban

  • ownerName

Include Capture Delay Hours

Receive the number of hours remaining until the payment will be captured.

  • captureDelayHours

Include Card Bin

Receive the Bank Identification Number of a credit card.
  • cardBin

Include detailed Card Bin information

Receive information about card transactions, including zero value authorisations.

  • cardBin – The Bank Identification Number of a credit card
  • cardIssuingCurrency – The currency in which the card is issued, if available
  • cardIssuingBank – The issuing bank
  • cardPaymentMethod – The card payment method (for example, Visa or Mastercard)
  • cardIssuingCountry – The issuing country
  • fundingSource – Information about the funding type of the card

Include Card Holder

Receive the name of the cardholder .
  • cardHolderName

Include card info for recurring contract webhook events

Receive the card information that is used to create a recurring contract.

  • cardSummary

  • cardBin

  • expiryDate

  • cardHolderName

  • fundingSource

Include the co-brand card information

Receive information about co-badged cards.

  • coBrandedWith

Include contactless wallet token information

Receive information about the digital wallet used, as well as the untokenised card summary.

To receive the token variant for point-of-sale transactions, this must also be enabled under Developers > Additional data.

  • tokenTxVariant

  • untokenisedCardSummary

Include Delivery Address

Receive the delivery address details of the shopper that were passed in the payment request.

  • deliveryAddress.street

  • deliveryAddress.houseNumberOrName


  • deliveryAddress.postalCode

  • deliveryAddress.stateOrProvince


Include Device Type and Browser Information

Receive information about the type of device and browser used by the shopper.

  • deviceType

  • browserCode

Include Extra Costs

Receive information about additional costs that have been charged. This only applies to Dragonpay payments.

  • extraCostsValue

  • extraCostsCurrency

Include Funding Source

Receive additional information about the funding type when a card payment is made.

  • fundingSource

    Possible values:


    • CREDIT

    • DEBIT





Include Installments info

Receive the installment value for Mercado Pago payments.

  • installments.value

Include Issuer Country

Receive the country where the card was issued. This is formatted in the ISO-3166 alpha-2 standard.
  • issuerCountry

Include Metadata in payment webhook for 3D Secure payments (webhooks are not sent from Pal)

Receive the metadata that you sent sent in the payment request for the 3D Secure payment.

Enabling this may cause a slight delay receiving webhooks.

Include notes in manual review webhooks

Receive the notes added during manual review .
  • manualReviewNotes

Include the originalReference for CHARGEBACK_REVERSED webhook events

For CHARGEBACK_REVERSED webhook events, receive the pspReference of the original payment.

no extra fields

Include PayPal Details

Receive the PayPal details of the shopper.

  • paypalEmail – The email address of the shopper's PayPal account
  • paypalPayerId – The shopper's PayPal Payer ID
  • paypalPayerStatus – Whether the shopper's account has been Verified by PayPal
  • paypalAddressStatus – Whether the shopper's address has been Confirmed by PayPal
  • paypalProtectionEligibility – Whether the payment is eligible for PayPal Seller Protection
  • paypalPayerResidenceCountry – The shopper's country of residence

Include PayULatam Details

Receive the traceability code and the authorization code of the sale. This only applies if PayULatam Acquiring is used for settlement.

  • payULatamTrazabilityCode

  • authCode

Include POS Details

Receive the tender reference of the transaction, and the POIID of the payment terminal that processed the payment. This information is useful for reconciling and refunding offline payments.

  • tenderReference

  • terminalId

Include POS TerminalInfo

Receive the POIID of the payment terminal that processed the payment.

  • terminalId

Include Raw 3D Secure Details Result

Receive the 3D Secure authentication result.

  • xid – The transaction ID of the 3D Secure session. The value is Base64-encoded and is returned for transactions with a directoryResponse of N or Y.
  • cavv – The Cardholder Authentication Verification Value (CAVV) for the 3D Secure authentication session, as a Base64-encoded 20-byte array.
  • eci – The electronic commerce indicator (ECI).
  • cavvAlgorithm – The CAVV algorithm used.

Include Raw 3D Secure Result

Receive the raw 3D Secure authentication result from the card issuer.
  • threeDOfferedResponse
    The raw enrollment result from the 3D Secure directory services of the card schemes.
  • threeDAuthenticatedResponse
    Possible values:
    • Y - Full Authentication.
    • N - No Authentication.
    • U - Authentication requests sent but is unable to be completed.
    • A - Authentication request sent successfully but the cardholder could not be authenticated.

Include Real Time Account Updater status

Receive the status of the Real Time Account Updater response.

  • realtimeAccountUpdaterStatus
    Possible values:
    • NoChange - The card details have not changed.
    • CardChanged - The card number has changed.
    • CardExpiryChanged - The card expiry has changed.
    • CloseAccount - The card has closed.
    • ContactCardAccountHolder - The card details have changed. Contact the cardholder for the updated details.

Include the acquirer, acquirer account, raw response and response code of the (retry) attempts

Receive information about the retries that Adyen is making.

  • retry.attemptN.acquirer

  • retry.attemptN.acquirerAccount

  • retry.attemptN.responseCode

  • retry.attemptN.rawResponse

Above, N is the sequence number of the retry attempt.

Include Risk Data

Receive the risk data that you submitted using additionalData . For more information on these fields, refer to Risk data fields .

  • riskdata

Include Risk Profile

Receive information on the Risk Profile applied to the transaction. For more information on Risk Profiles, see Create and use risk profiles .
  • riskProfile

Include Shopper Country

Receive the country of the shopper, as passed in the payment request. This is formatted using the ISO-3166 alpha-2 standard.
  • shopperCountry

Include Shopper Details

Receive the details of the shopper you submitted using additionalData .
  • shopperEmail

  • shopperReference

  • shopperIp

  • shopperName

  • shopperStatement

  • shopperLocale

  • shopperTelephone

  • shopperSocialSecurityNumber

Include Shopper Interaction

Receive information on sales channel that processed the payment.

  • shopperInteraction
    Possible values:

    • Ecommerce

    • ContAuth

    • POS

    • Moto

Include SOAP Security Header

Enable this if your webhook server requires a SOAP security header.

no extra fields

Include Store

Receive the name of the store that submitted the payment.

  • store

Include Subvariant

Receive the variant of the payment method used. For more information, see Payment Method Variant.
  • paymentMethodVariant

Include 3D Secure Result

Receive information about 3D Secure .

  • threeDOffered – Whether 3D Secure was offered for the payment.
  • threeDAuthenticated – Whether 3D Secure authentication was completed for the payment.
  • liabilityShift – Whether a liability shift was offered for the payment

Include Account Validation Flag

Receive information about whether the authorisation was made to validate the card, or to charge it.

  • accountValidation
    Possible values:

    • true – The authorisation was made to validate the card.
    • false – The authorisation was made to charge the card.

Include Avs Data/ Billing address

Receive the shopper's billing address.

  • billingAddress.street

  • billingAddress.houseNumberOrName


  • billingAddress.postalCode

  • billingAddress.stateOrProvince



The following example shows a standard webhook with Include capture delay hours and Include Alias Info enabled.