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Financial products

Expand your offering by providing financial products to your users

In addition to processing payments for your users, you can offer financial products to them. This enables you to make your platform more flexible and improve your users' experience.

Adyen's financial products include:

  • Issuing: You can issue virtual and physical debit cards from Mastercard and Visa to your users. Adyen operates in the background, enabling you to manage card deliveries, customize your cards, and handle your funds.
  • Business accounts: Your users can make business-related fund transfers to third-party bank accounts. For example, they can pay invoices or utilities. They can also receive business-related fund transfers from any third-party account, such as payments from businesses or customers, directly in their business account.
  • Capital: You can present business financing offers from Adyen directly to your users, without an additional application process. Users repay daily based on a fixed percentage of their processed volume through Adyen.
  • Payouts: Adyen payouts is a collection of services that enable you to transfer funds to accounts outside of Adyen. You can pay out to any third-party, for example, a supplier or partner.