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Return transferred funds

Return funds to the sender of the original internal transfer, without creating a new transfer.

If funds were transferred from one balance account to another by mistake, you can return the funds to the source balance account without initiating a new internal transfer. Instead, you provide the transfer ID of the original incoming transfer. Returning the funds is then handled as a modification of that same internal transfer.

Note that returning funds in this way only works if the original internal transfer was a push transfer.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that your server can receive and accept webhooks, and that the Transfer webhook has been added in your Balance Platform Customer Area.
  • Ask our Support Team to enable transfers for the balance account where the funds are returned from.
  • If the balance accounts involved in the internal funds transfer do not belong to the same account holder, check the capabilities of the account holders:
    • The account holder of the balance account where the funds are returned from must have the sendToBalanceAccount capability.
    • The account holder of the balance account where the funds are returned to must have the receiveFromBalanceAccount capability.
  • Ensure that your API credential:

Initiate a return

To return an internal push transfer:

  1. Make a POST /transfers/{transferId}/returns request, where {transferId} is the ID of the original incoming transfer that is returned in the webhooks.

    Specify the following request parameters:

    Parameter Required Description
    amount -white_check_mark- Object containing the currency and value of the transfer. These must be the same as in the original transfer.
    reference Your unique reference for returning the transfer.

    The following example shows how to return EUR 100 previously received through an internal transfer with the ID 123XYZABC456DEF7.

  2. In the response, note the following:

    • id: the ID of the return request.
    • status: Authorised. If Declined, this can indicate that you used the wrong transfer ID in the URL.
    • transferId: the ID of the original incoming transfer, which you specified in the URL of the return request.

Get updates on the status of the return

Track returns by using the webhooks that Adyen sends to your server. The webhooks provide the status of the request and also inform you if the request failed.

You can also view the return in your Customer Area.