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Payment facilitators

Learn what additional information you must send in your requests if you are a payment facilitator.

If you are a registered payment facilitator and have not configured stores in your account, card schemes require you to send certain data points with each transaction. These data points must refer to your user, who is considered the Merchant of Record when a transaction is facilitated by your platform.

Send user data points with a transaction

During the /sessions or /payments authorization for each transaction, card schemes require data points that specify the following information about your user:

  • Unique identifier: You must assign a unique identifier to each of your users.
  • Name: You must provide an accurate name for the user that is present on the shopper's statement. For Mastercard, this includes an aggregator prefix.
  • Location: You must provide the user's location as the location of the transaction.

Required parameters

You must send additionalData parameters with the /sessions or /payments authorization. For cancellations, captures, and refunds, Adyen automatically populates your user's details from the initial payment.

Submit your request using AdditionalDataSubMerchant parameters.

The [subSellerNr] is always 1. Submit all additionalData parameters as:

Required additional parameters Description
additionalData.subMerchant.numberOfSubSellers The number of users in the transaction. Set this to 1.
additionalData.subMerchant.subSeller[subSellerNr].id A unique identifier you assigned to your user.
additionalData.subMerchant.subSeller[subSellerNr].name The name of your user.
additionalData.subMerchant.subSeller[subSellerNr].street The street name and house number of your user's address.
additionalData.subMerchant.subSeller[subSellerNr].postalCode The postal code of your user's address, without dashes.
Required only in Canada and the United States.
additionalData.subMerchant.subSeller[subSellerNr].city The city of your user's address.
additionalData.subMerchant.subSeller[subSellerNr].state The state code of your user's address, if applicable.
additionalData.subMerchant.subSeller[subSellerNr].country The three-letter ISO country code of your user's address.

Before going live, confirm with your Adyen contact that the paymentFacilitatorIds and aggregatorPrefix is configured for your platform.

Here is an example of a split payment request facilitated on behalf of your user:

As a payment facilitator, most payment methods allow you to facilitate ecommerce payments using an aggregated MID (your platform's scheme account), instead of requiring a MID per user.

Shopper statement

When shoppers check their bank statements, they need to be able to easily identify the charges they see. If your transaction description is not easily recognizable by the cardholder:

  • There is a higher chance your shopper issues a chargeback.
  • You can get a fine from the relevant card scheme related to your chargeback rate.

To prevent these issues, your transaction description must start with your brand or the merchant name that is most recognizable to the cardholder.

If you are not using stores in your platform, you must configure the transaction description that appears on the shopper statement. Depending on this configuration, you can additionally provide a transaction-specific shopperStatement in your payment request. For more information, see Transaction description.