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Sales day settlement

Learn how the sales day settlement model works.

With sales day settlement, sales funds are settled independently of timelines of schemes and payment methods involved in the transaction. This settlement model enables you and your users to receive funds in batches related to a particular sales day. You can also enable a fixed settlement delay.

The sales day settlement model provides:

  • Simplified reconciliation, because you can match settlements with a sales day.
  • Predictable cash flows, because you know which sales are settled each day.

You can configure sales day settlement on each balance account in your platform.

Sales day

A sales day is a 24-hour period in which Adyen processes your payments. By default, Adyen defines a sales day from midnight (00:00) to midnight of the next day (23:59) in the balance account's local timezone.

You can configure your sales day to end later if your user's business closes after midnight. For example, a restaurant owner that operates from noon to 3:00 AM can set the sales day closing to 3:00 AM. This means that the sales day of that business starts at 3:01 AM and ends at 3:00 AM on the next day.

You can delay closing times until 7:00 AM.

How it works

Adyen assigns all funds captured within a sales day to settlement batches related to that sales day. These batches are settled altogether after the sales day ends. The period between the sales day and the settlement depends on the configured settlement delay days. This period is not affected by the date when the schemes or payment methods transfer the funds to Adyen.

For example, consider a balance account using sales day settlement with a settlement delay of two days. All the sales captured for that balance account within the sales day on Monday, January 1, are settled two business days later, on Wednesday, January 3.

The following image illustrates this example.

Adjustments to the settlement

Before settlement, Adyen adds or subtracts any required adjustments from the settlement batch. These adjustments include without limitation:

The adjustments are included as they occur. This means that some adjustments in your current settlement batch could be related to a batch from a different sales day.

Settlement reversal

If, within 30 days after a payment's capture, Adyen does not receive the funds for that payment, we subtract those funds from the current settlement batch. This is called a reversed settlement.

Settlement delay

After a transaction is processed, Adyen applies a regionally specific waiting period for any adjustments before settlement. You can increase or decrease this period on a specific balance account by configuring a settlement delay.

The settlement delay specifies after how many business days the funds in a settlement batch are made available. For example, with a settlement delay of two business days, sales that happened on a Monday are made available the following Wednesday.

You can configure a settlement delay period to last between 0 to 10 business days.

To configure settlement delay periods that are less than 2 days, you need approval from Adyen. Reach out to your Adyen contact if you want to enable this.

The following table shows an example settlement schedule with a daily settlement frequency and a settlement delay of two days.

Sales day Settlement day
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Monday
Friday Tuesday of the next week
Saturday Tuesday of the next week
Sunday Tuesday of the next week

Bank holidays also impact when your funds are settled. The settlement delay increases when a sales day falls on a bank holiday.

The following table shows an example some delay examples considering bank holidays and a settlement delay of two days.

Sales day Bank holiday Payout
Monday Wednesday
Monday Tuesday and Wednesday Friday
Thursday Monday next week Tuesday
Friday, Saturday and Sunday Monday Wednesday

Configure sales day settlements

To configure sales day settlements in your platform, first reach out to your Adyen contact to enable this feature for you and inform you about the terms and conditions.

After it is enabled, you can configure sales day settlements on new and existing balance accounts by including the platformPaymentConfiguration object in your API request:

The following tabs show examples of how to make these requests.

The following table shows the parameters related to the sales day settlement configuration:

Parameter Type Description
platformPaymentConfiguration Object Contains key-value pairs to the configure the settlement model in a balance account.
salesDayClosingTime String Specifies at what time a sales day ends.
Possible values: Time in "HH:MM" format. HH ranges from 00 to 07. MM must be 00.
Default value: "00:00".
settlementDelayDays Integer Specifies after how many business days the funds in a settlement batch are made available. Setting this value to null enables pass-through settlement.
Possible values: integers from 0 to 10, null.
Default value: null.
Note: You can only specify 0 or 1 with previous approval from Adyen.

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