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Create an Adyen business account

Learn how to create business accounts for your users.

When you create an Adyen business account for your users, you generate a business account number linked to their balance account. Your users can share their business account number with third parties so they can receive business-related payments or fund transfers.

Before you begin

Before you can create business accounts for your users, check if you meet the requirements for business accounts.

Additionally, make sure that your users have:

Create a payment instrument

After the issueBankAccount capability has been allowed and enabled on the account holder of your user, you can proceed with creating a payment instrument for them. Payment instruments—such as business accounts—are resources that account holders can use externally to transact with their balance account. Creating a business account payment instrument generates a business account number, such as an IBAN.

To create a business account payment instrument, make a POST /paymentInstruments call specifying:

Parameter name Required Description
balanceAccountId -white_check_mark- The ID returned when you created the balance account. All financial transactions, such as receiving and sending funds, will be processed in this balance account.
issuingCountryCode -white_check_mark- The two-letter country code where the business account is issued from. We currently support NL and US.

The currency of the specified country must match the currency of the balance account.
type -white_check_mark- Set to bankAccount.
description Your description for the business account, which you can use to store useful information for your staff.
reference Your reference for the business account, which you can map to your internal systems.

A balance account can only have one business account number. The API returns an error if a business account number already exists.

Here is how you create an IBAN for a business account issued in the Netherlands.

The response returns the paymentInstrument resource, identified by its unique id. You also receive the iban which the account holder can use when sending funds to their business account.

Get payment instruments

To find the existing business account number related to a specified balance account, make a GET /balanceAccounts/{id}/paymentInstruments request and specify the balance account id in the path.

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