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Get started

An overview of the steps from signing up for Adyen for Platforms to going live.

Follow the steps below to start your Adyen for Platforms onboarding and integration:

  1. Get in touch with us
  2. Design your implementation
  3. Get access to your test account
  4. Generate API credentials
  5. Build your integration
  6. Apply for your live account
  7. Configure your live account

Step 1: Get in touch with us

Contact us to register your interest for Adyen for Platforms. We'll get in touch with you to learn about:

  • Your business model.
  • The regions or countries in which you are you going to process payments.

We'll help you determine whether our current platform capabilities are a good fit for your use case.

Step 2: Design your implementation

Your Adyen contact will work with you to design your implementation. The design includes determining:

  • How to onboard and collect data from your users, ensuring that your platform is able to collect the required information and accept document uploads.
  • When to split payments, so that you can pass on the sale amount and certain fees to your user, while booking your commission and the remaining fees to your platform.
  • How to pay out to your users.
  • How to generate financial reports and reconcile balances.

Step 3: Access, set up, and manage your test account

Your Adyen contact sets up your account, after which you'll get your admin credentials to log in to the Balance Platform Customer Area.

In this dashboard, you can:

  • Create users to allow members of your organization to manage different functionalities in your Adyen account.
  • Access your default API credentials.
  • Create new API credentials.
  • View and manage the resources in your balance platform, such as account holders (your users) and their balances.

Step 4: Generate API credentials

You can generate your necessary API credentials in the Balance Platform Customer Area.

Adyen APIs Postman collections

Fork our Postman collections in your private workspace to start testing API calls with your own credentials.

You need credentials for the following APIs:

Step 5: Build your integration

When you have your test accounts, start building your Adyen for Platforms integration. Refer to our integration checklist.

Step 6: Apply for your live account

After you have built and tested your integration in the test environment, you're ready to go live.

Reach out to your Adyen contact to take your account live.

Step 7: Configure your live account

The setup and configuration from your test Adyen for Platforms account is not replicated to your live Adyen for Platforms account. You need to replicate your test account setup in the live environment.

Follow our go-live checklist to make sure your integration is ready.