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In-person payments

Process in-person payments on behalf of your users.

After you configure the payment methods for the stores in your platform, your users can start accepting payments from their customers. To make sure that the pay-in, settlement, and payout processes run smoothly, you must book the incoming funds and fees to the correct balance accounts.

This means that in each individual payment, capture, and refund request that you send on behalf of your users, you have to include information on how to split the funds between your user's balance accounts and your platform's liable balance account.

In your requests, you can include specific instructions on booking:

Your platform's commission is always booked to your liable balance account.


To process in-person payments for your users, you must:

Splitting transactions

Transactions processed through Adyen must be split between the balance accounts in your platform: your liable balance account and your users' balance accounts.

You can split funds into any number of balance accounts in your platform. For example, when a customer pays, you can split the funds into:

  • The sale amount, which goes to your user's balance account.
  • Your platform's commission, which goes to your platform's liable account.
  • The transaction fees, which can be charged to your user's balance account.
  • The remainder after currency conversion, which can be booked to your user's balance account.

You must send the split instructions with every payment, capture, or refund request, or configure automatic splits.

When you apply a split configuration profile to your user's store, Adyen evaluates the rules in the split configuration for all the transactions processed through that store. If you need to change the split information for specific transactions, you can send split data in the payment or capture API request. Any split data that you send through individual API requests overrides the automatic split configuration.

If you do not provide any split information, the whole transaction is booked to your platform's liable balance account, including all associated fees.

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