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Google Pay

Learn how to accept Google Pay payments.

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With Google Pay, shoppers can make purchases using credit or debit cards stored in their Google account. Shoppers get to experience a simpler checkout process whether they are buying from their Android devices, on the web, or in-store through POS terminals.

When a shopper pays with Google Pay in apps and on websites, Google Pay shows a payment sheet where they select their preferred card payment method and confirm their purchase. Watch this video to see how shoppers pay with Google Pay.

To get a liability shift when using Google Pay, you need to authenticate the transaction with 3D Secure.

Payment type Payment flow Countries Currencies Recurring Refunds Partial refunds Separate captures Partial captures Chargebacks
Wallet Direct International Multiple -white_check_mark- -white_check_mark- -white_check_mark- -white_check_mark- -white_check_mark- -white_check_mark-


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