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Payment response merchantSig - SHA 256

Hosted Payment Pages are end-of-life
This page is for the classic Hosted Payment Pages (HPP) integration, which has reached end-of-life. This means we are:
  • No longer developing the HPP integration.
  • Not accepting new HPP integrations.
  • Preparing to stop accepting transactions using HPP.
Find out more about the timeline and what you need to do.

To verify that the values, which you have received in the result URL, are valid and have not been tampered in the process, refer to this example.


If you extract the parameters, you have:

Key Value
merchantReference SKINTEST-test
merchantReturnData YourMerchantReturnData
paymentMethod ideal
pspReference 7914447419663319
reason 3542
shopperLocale nl_NL
skinCode 314lwMhy

Concatenate the keys and values as:


This string contains values for you to calculate merchantSig with HMAC SHA-256 key.

If some parameters are missing in the URL, they should be also omitted in the concatenated string. For example, if the merchantReturnData and reason fields are not provided, the string above should look as follows: