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Recurring details request

Adyen is phasing out Hosted Payment Pages
This page is for the classic Hosted Payment Pages (HPP) integration, which we are no longer developing.
We strongly recommend switching to one of the newer Tokenization integrations.

This table lists data that should be passed in an HPP payment request to create a recurring contract.

Field Type Required Description
recurringContract String -white_check_mark-

The type of recurring contract to be used. Possible values:

  • ONECLICK – Payment details can be used to initiate a one-click payment, where the shopper enters the card security code (CVC/CVV).
  • RECURRING – Payment details can be used without the card security code to initiate card-not-present transactions.
  • ONECLICK,RECURRING – Payment details can be used regardless of whether the shopper is on your site or not.
  • PAYOUT – Payment details can be used to make a payout.
shopperEmail String -white_check_mark- The shopper's email address.
shopperReference String -white_check_mark- The shopper's reference for the payment transaction.