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Learn how to accept Titres-Restaurant payments.

Titres-Restaurant meal vouchers are prepaid cards delivered by employers to their employees to buy food and beverages.

These cards have a daily spending limit of 25 EUR. When a shopper wants to buy something that costs more, they can pay the remaining amount with different payment method.

With Adyen, you can process online and in-person payments for meal vouchers provided by Natixis, Sodexo, and Up Déjeuner. To accept meal voucher payments, you need an official authorization from the Mealvoucher National Comission. You also need a separate contract with each meal voucher issuer (Sodexo, Up Déjeuner, or Natixis) that you want to accept.

Payment type Payment flow Countries Currencies Recurring Refunds Separate
Prepaid Direct FR EUR -x- -x- -white_check_mark- -x-

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