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As well as supporting Bancontact at POS, Adyen supports the two flows of Bancontact for m/eCommerce:

  • Bancontact card payment option, which works the same as other card payment methods. 3DS is mandatory.
  • Bancontact Mobile: A flow in which the shopper authentication is done using their mobile banking app or the Bancontact app.  An additional benefit is that shoppers don't need to enter their card number, as they can select their card or account in the app.

You can implement Bancontact and Bancontact Mobile either with an API or HPP integration.

API integration of Bancontact Mobile Flow

For Bancontact card payments an API integration is just a regular card integration, Bancontact mobile requires the following implementation:

A shopper initiates a payment. The payment request contains no card number. Instead it should include the selectedbrand: bcmc_mobile.

Adyen replies with a payment response which contains: 

  1. A QR code string. Convert this into a scannable QR barcode using libraries (to be scanned by the shopper’s mobile banking or Bancontact app). This is the way to display on a desktop or tablet device.

  2. The status "received" (by which the Adyen API indicates the pending status of the payment request).

The notifications API shares the transaction result.

The transaction lifetime is 15 minutes. If Adyen doesn't receive an authentication response from the shopper/issuer in this time, the transaction will not be processed further by Adyen. Adyen recommends to implement a way to show this time-out to the shopper.